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Sorry, not the best pic,taken a few minutes ago.

Preparing for a listening session shortly, valves/amp/power supply warming up and decided while waiting to post a pic ( better pics will be forthcoming once my stand has been sand blasted and custom coated, refurbished again).


Pathos Aurium HP Amp
Audeze LCD 2F Carbon Fibre
Denafrips Aries II Dac
Audio GD Reclocker
12V linear power supply for Aurium
Cyrus Hark stand - cut down to size ( This was my original stand sold on yonks ago with all the pieces that went with it, and returned to me by Brent as he sold off all the pieces individually). Thanks again Brent.

I have Sennheiser 600and 650's too. The lot has hardly been used and will shortly not see much use again as summer approaches. The other main reason for this is my daily use of my main system : Vivids/ Pathos Classix Remix ( used as preamp, which also has a really decent headphone stage in it)/Modwright power amp/Meridian 500 transport. I have a vinyl rig too.

I don't stream (had a Sonos based streamer,since sold,only so many days and so many pieces of music to listen to), however I have a computer based system centered around an imported Asus HP 310 Plus motherboard/ ESI Pro Julia 24/192 Soundcard which provides the digital out. JRiver 26 (latest version paid for,not yet installed).

I have a sufficient amount of decent music in all forms, including cd (some I've imported before Covid, that I haven't listened to yet, most ripped to Flac) and Hi- Rez files too.

I listen/can listen to most kinds of music, as long as it is good.

I see you are a man of culture.

Nice Allan. I like the Audeze's steel cups.

I had a call with Audeze earlier this week. They are a boutique headphone company and there is no mass production. The wooden cups are supplied to them by individual tradesmen, Audeze had now reached such a demand that these individual woodworkers can no longer keep up in supplying the wooden ear cups.

Thanks guys.

And a special thanks too to @Chingy for cutting down all the parts of stand, at zero cost and doing an absolute fantastic job. Thanks again Craig.

Thanks for sharing Allan - the Aurium is one stunning amp.
Happy to see it getting some love! :groovy: 


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