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Following a request by a member here, I am opening this sticky for members to post technical and other literature concerning components that were in common use in years gone by. This could be of assistance to fellow-lovers of Vintage Gear, specifically where there appears to be no other information available on the Internet.

Let's not dilute this thread by unnecessary chatter, feel free to start a new topic if necessary, but feel free to reply to any post here if you so wish.



This is the manufacturer's data sheet for the REX / CALRAD Output Transformers. I use the H30-66 with my Mullard 5-20s.

Click on the Data sheet for better resolution.


I have scanned an 8-page document issued by the J E Sugden Company, referring to the following products:

A51 Stereophonic Power Amplifier
C51 Control Unit
A21 Series Two Integrated Amplifier

If anyone wants a copy, I'll load it into Dropbox.

Some interesting info on this combo may be found here, from where the pic above is captured:



The first speaker on the list is the Heresy by Klipsch.

An immaculate pair is currently available under the "for sale to members" thread.

I scanned the Richard Allan C41 Control Unit & A 41 Power Amplifier user manual, including specifications, schematics and some service notes.

Will load into Dropbox should anyone want a copy.



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