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CPT-based Samaritan for room measurement


As per title: too many projects, too little time to give the subject the attention it deserves and no gear. Keen to start room treatments but need proper measurements of untreated room first from someone who's been around the block a few times.
Very happy to compensate with some tipple/sustenance of choice, or a fee.



Sorry I'm very late to some of these posts, still, maybe my reply can have some value.

It's hard to find an acoustics expert locally. I educated myself as best I could. There are some principles that are well known and easy to research. You don't have to measure to do room treatment, by following general good practice you should be able to make a big positive difference.

Here a good video of how to place acoustic panels in a home theater :

The first panel type you'd want to use would be a broadband absorber. It needs to work over the whole frequency spectrum, preferably right down to the room transition frequency (300-500hz, where sound become more wave like - think pebble in a pond - rather than ray like - think laser beam reflecting off glass). For that you need a minimum thickness of 50mm, but optimal would be 100mm. The material is fibreglass, compressed to 48kg per cubic meter.

If you buy - make sure they have the correct material and data to back it up.

If you DIY :
Buy from Isover or similar company : (right at the bottom is a pdf data sheet showing what you need to know)
Use this (or similar) calculator to make sure the absorber is effective :

Hope this helps at least a little in some way!

How about Lance Dixon?


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