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Iron Maiden: Senjutsu

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Wow... had this album on look since release.
Sounds and feels like Maiden without being a clone / formulaic.

But let me not influence anyone's opinion.  What do you all think about it?

Still on the fence about it...

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I haven't managed to listen to the entire album as yet, but a couple of things are immediately apparent.
As a band they just continue to deliver, and this is no exception.
Some very different songs here, might alienate the odd fan even.
Nothing close to a "weak" track so far - on the contrary.

This is a definite progression from Book of Souls, quite remarkable considering it's the band's 17th album!
Looking forward to running through it start to finish tonight and I'll add more to this later.

PS: yet another underwhelming Kevin Shirley production, alas...time to give Jens Bogren a call.
PPS: after having a quick listen to the hi-res version using a different, more suitable rig, I'm prepared to concede that The Caveman did OK this time.
PPPS: there really is nothing quite like having 2 lead guitarists harmonising and a 3rd holding down the rhythm...just incredible.

@capetownwatches , I think Kevin did a fine job too..

Really enjoying the album...
Like Tool's Fear Inoculum, I didn't expect it to be groundbreaking or genre redefining.  And that expectation allowed me to enjoy it, and their progression.

Let this one rip on the Hi-Fi system yesterday afternoon.. First thoughts is that the album is quite enjoyable, not sure how much I count as a fan of theirs, but it was quite vintage Iron Maiden in my view, very familiar in some bits (the most enjoyable!) but highly polished, some things that were new! I wouldn't draw comparisons to Fear Innoculum though, that album still mesmerises each I hear it and have to say I didn't expect Tool to release another album so it feels a bit like opening a present every time I press play. Iron Maiden has been much more prodigious in putting out albums and they stick to their strengths and fan base, I definitely admire their drive and industry.


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