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Let's get this straightened out first that I respect anyone that derives a living from our hobby. Weather you make/sell the worst product, respect!

Now please tell me what is with our local manufacturers? One mention of any bad aspect of a local product and one is shunned, post deleted etc... Are we so good that it's flawless? I mean even Whathifi has +For and -against. That's how we review products, not by sticking our heads/threads in the sand!

Two examples,
1) Rudi's amp, I went all the way to Dhiveshan's house to demo it. What stopped me buying it was aftersales service, with Rudi leaving and all. So I then bought a more expensive Accuphase amp. Sean raises the same point here (shunned) and turns out
Heindrich will be supporting! (Dhiveshan might have mentioned) but had that been public knowledge and advertised I swear I would have bought!

2) Value Audio, a waiting list and you waite but in turn you get a warranty that's almost unheard of!

You need to hear this guys, own your flaws gentlemen!
And at best improve on it!

How is making derogatory statements about a product one has never owned a review?

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The comments that were deleted were more of a personal vendetta against Rudi, they had absolutely nothing to do with a review of the product. It was more a matter of sour grapes and has no place on the forum.


And please DO get Valve Audio right once and for all. It is not Value Audio. I do not recall how long you waited for yours, got a preferential price but it also left pronto once you finished raving about it. Buy a Bentley W12 ever? I do believe also a waiting list. Sure, a cottage industry is a risk to deal with, LIFE is also a risk.

Sorry Schalk, that's Predictive text's, Valve Audio! My waiting was well in order and worth the wait.


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