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New home in planning phase with certain restrictions.

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Hi all. I hope to get some help in advance while planning to build my new house. I'm planning to build a house in the West Coast, the "problem" is that the area have building regulations and guidelines to have the West Coast look (long narrow blocks with high pitch roofs connected to each other with flat roofed sections).
The plans I've worked on, with which the body corporate hopefully will agree, boils down to the livingroom being 5m wide, 10m long, side walls 4m high and the center pitch of the roof about 7m high with exposed rafters.
There isn't going to be a lot of glass except for a 2m sliding in the far left corner, a open wall into the kitchen in the far right corner and two 800mm wide windows in the far wall.
Would it be best to use the hifi in the length of the room or rather from side to side? I still think that my my hifi (Linn LP12, Linn LK1 preamp, two Rotel 870BX power amps, Rogers LS8 speakers, Marantz CD player) sounds 1000 times better than my AV system with a Marantz 6200 and B&W M1 surrounds.
Hope someone can give some pointers how to plan for the best sound with what I'm going to have. Currently the w.a.f. isn't much of a problem as she is quite adaptable (at the moment). LoL
Thanks in advance. Enjoy

Hi all. Any suggestions or would it help if I add a copy of the building plans?

Do it in the architectural phase before building. Do you have more detail on the room?

It's a nice size room and the height is always nice to have. One usually starts with ceiling detail as it's the least intrusive.

Maybe face the "long length"

Speakers a meter each from the longer side walls.

No reflections behind the speakers and none behind you ?

I used this with great success

That SBIR calculator is golden. Both orientations can work though I would also suggest along the length. If a speaker has good power response horizontally, one doesn't even need to treat the side reflections.


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