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The reviews on the new headie, the Stealth, from DCA seem great!

Link to the product Page:

Link to the reviews:

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* Audio-Head: want is real for these  ;D


Love the Aeons but these take it to a whole new level

Impressive engineering looking at the measurements, very low distortion, though it is tracking the Harmon curve way too closely for my liking (not a fan) so it will probably sound warm. Looking at the construction I can't believe these cost $4k, headphone pricing continues being something of a bad joke. I'm sure many hours of engineering efforts went into designing this and I'm sure it is individually hand-crafted, but the Stealth logo looks very "gamery" and for this target market it is missing RGB lighting.

Red stitching is a bit much, but otherwise I really dig the aesthetics with that carbon look. Technical details seem really impressive too.

That price though...$$$


I watched this early impressions video this week.

I quite like the non-glossy carbon finish on the ear cups. The red stitching is a bit over the top.
Looking at the mechanism used to hold the ear cups and the elastic used in the head strap, it does not appear very sturdy.

$4k is a lot of moola.


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