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The HiFiMan HE6SE v2 Journey

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Thanks @naughty  :thumbs:

@kamikazi 100% agreed!I tried it with my AVR (situated elsewhere), and the attack and impact did improve.. however, I was using Airplay with Roon, so the overall SQ was Meh!  Thank you for the recommendation on those earpads  :2thumbs:   Will look into them.

@neilh I did (and perhaps still am) consider drop-shipping a Schiit Ragnarok 2, Lokius, and Freya +.However, I loose the benefit of warranty, etc. going that route.I am keeping an eye out for a 2nd Schiit Ragnarok 2 tho (get the other items when they ship to SA again)

Popped it into an old pelican case I used for my Sennheisers.. fits well and secure, despite the chunky headband

What eq are you using.

@Riaanee0 I'm using Amir's EQ from here:

Thanks a lot iíve installed apo and my sundaraís are in a different class.It lack bass before eq  but not anymore.


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