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 Some time ago I had the total pleasure of meeting Dewald.
It did not take long for me to yearn to one day have a truly good audio line up.  Under Dewald's guidance and expertise it soon became a reality.  Dewald, I truly thank you for this.

With my introduction to Dewaudio now complete, I started a new audio adventure.  Dewald.... I said, I need a line amplifier worthy of driving my very special power amplifier. The challange is that the design of the line amplifier must contain some valves..... and  the cosmetic design be such that it pairs with that of the power amplifier.

Dewald bounced his ideas/suggestions off me and I bought his hook line and sinker.  Last Saturday was the big day!  The day of the audition.  Dewald's end product sounded superb, and had me speachless.  Gobsmacked!!!!  A perfect match for my amplifier, in looks and sound.

So if you are looking for a South African brand and product that can hold its own amoungst all of the international manufacturers .... Dewaudio is your port of call.

Thanks again Dewald, you made my audiophilia come true!!!!

I agree fully with your sentiments.

I wish more people would appreciate Dewalt's skills and buy his wonderful equipment.

It is virtually impossible to make a living out of our small audio market in SA but if enough support him perhaps we can keep Dewalt doing what he is best at. It would be a massive loss if he had to do something else to keep food on the table!

Please post some pics because they are something to behold (/so that we can see how good it sounds).,96004.msg1071288.html

Edit: also perhaps contact details?

The best is to phone Dewalt on 072 039 5379

Thank you Alan for the kind write-up!

Here are some pictures


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