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Cable Lifters?

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I would have something similar made up by a local. Years ago when I had a decent setup I played with Russ Andrews, Audioquest, some foam blocks and these Cardas pieces, what I really liked was if they got dusty they were easy to clean, they also worked to separate cable behind components, you don't worry about them getting scratched and they were fairly stable under a heavy cable.


The Avengers work a charm but are long gone the first time the kids get sight of them!


The ones I made, looking for something nicer... Different heights...


Here is a picture of my system and the cable lifters that Valvaglo made for me.
It was a while ago but they certainly did not break the bank. The are solid stainless steel and pretty heavy with a large round base, so they don't fall over or move and keep the cable in place.
The main function is simply to allow cleaning below the cables.


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