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Another speaker cable dilemma

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Hey guys so I’m busy researching speaker cables to use with my new Monitor audio gold 300’s (4th gen). Currently using QED silver anniversary xt (which from what I can find out is effectively 1,5mm) in bi-wire( bluesound powernode) and bi-amped (denon 4700h) terminated with nakamichi banana plugs. Soon to be run off the emotiva xpa-5 gen 1. So in reading and from my electrical engineering background - electrical properties of the conductors come into play with different thickness and quality of the copper and arrangement of the conductors.  All that is all good and well. The current carrying capacity to drive an 4/8 ohm load using the very simplified P=I2R(or Z) gives a value of between 7 and 5 amps to deliver 200W. Which is well below the current carrying capacity of a 1,5mm copper cable.

So essentially I have 2 questions.

1) would a thicker QED cable increase the audio qualities? Reason for QED, keeping the technology and materials relatively constant.
2) would a different more “premium” type cable make a significant enough difference? QED was around R180/m. Van den hul CS 122 I thing is around R450/m and others of around R1000/m.

What about simply using a generic 4mm cable that is made of good quality copper?

Sorry, but just trying to wrap my head around this whole thing….

This below article was an interesting read

A thicker cable will allow you to deliver more current.  It will go from loud to extremely loud
If you can, bi-wiring has distinct advantages

I am not a cable evangelist, so to spend huge sums on exotic cables is unnecessary.  But whatever pleases you

Many reviews are written by someone wanting to promote a product and can be biassed.  As the article states - this is the least important component

Some good advice: don’t listen to @chrisc . He dismisses any cable discussion with authority (and serious bias).

Get hold of a decent set of speaker cables and decide for yourself - you can thank me later.

If you are blessed with a decent set of ears, you will reap the benefits. Many audiophiles spend similar or even more money as their other components, on the best cables they can afford, not because they have money to burn, but because they hear and experience the benefits.

Also don't forget cable lifters.  And not anything made by gluing two matchboxes together.  Get the REAL THING.  Like Coca-cola, it will make a difference

I know Wolla swears by them

Agaton Sax:
Speaker (or any cable) is like cooking with herbs. You can cook a perfectly fine dish with no herbs but the right herb added at the right time can turn an otherwise mundane but perfectly eatable dish into an occasion. On the other hand, the wrong herb in the wrong amounts can ruin something perfectly listenable...errr, eatable. So too with a speaker cable.

However, one man's glorious Cilantro is another man's "Ughhh". You may love the warmth of a copper wire but seriously dislike the sluggishness and opacification of a too thick copper wire or you may love the airiness and openness of pure silver in Teflon on soft dome tweeters or hate its harshness and glare on metal tweeters. The next guy may prefer the exact opposite. Then you can add Saffron at thousands of Rands and get a nice looking dish that tastes the same as Borrie at a slightly less sophisticated yellow colour but hey if your palette is really tuned it may well taste orgasmic. Oh dear, am I confusing my herbs with spices again? 

Yes, there are people slaving in laboratories to determine what goes with what food and there are old virtually illiterate Grandmothers who just know from what they were told by their grandmothers and through countless flops what herb goes with what. And like with food, there is always the next meal to try another cable with but beware if you try too much without settling the pleasure of cooking may disappear.

And no, I can't cook and know nothing about cables in other people's systems.


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