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It works - using Cat 8 cable instead of Cat 5 or Cat5e

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--- Quote from: jlaubza on October 12, 2021, 11:05:36 PM ---I have to retract my assertion that the Wright brothers had degrees. Thst was based on an article I read in 2003 that stated they had studied mechanical engineering before setting up their bicycle business.

All current references i can find maintain that they were self taught intuitive engineers. Apologies for my misleading statements.

--- End quote ---

No worries,I was genuinely confused, as a youngster I remember reading about them in an old encyclopedia we had from the early 1900's  :thumbs:

For Those who argue that ethernet cables  are digital and that no noise can be injected by Ethernet cables
because they reject noise
this video is from fluke  Not a cable manufacturer
they make Test equipment  its long can watch from about 12min to 30min


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