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I currently have a Vanguard as per the title on loan from @Heinrich and @GECO. Any owners willing to provide some feedback and ownership experience?

I am using the unit with a Mytek Brooklyn+ DAC as the preamp. It does a great job on the digital side, but the line input on the Mytek is clearly a mismatch with my iFi Zen Phono that sounds sublime under other conditions connected straight to my Valve Audio Exclame 100. Using Roon + Tidal as digital sources, plus a Rotel CD/DVD player. Switching sources is noisy on the DAC with a loud, worrying pop.

Clearly using the DAC as a preamp is not ideal, but I do not have another preamp (been using integrated amps for years). My speakers are Tannoy Saturn S10's with dual 10" drivers, including a dual concentric for tops and mids. The efficiency of the speakers is about 93db/w/m plus they have a benign load profile. I get the sense that the Vanguard offers a bit more "drive" due to the higher current output at any given volume, or simply has more headroom.

I have now left the amp on the entire weekend and did some serious listening yesterday. Will do more this week. If you are unsure of posting here, feel free to PM me.


@Tonteldoos Thanks!

I would highly recommend you add a quality pre-amp to the mix. The power this amp has is on another level. Sadly I don't think your speakers will provide you with the full benefits of this amplifier. I have a number of tricky to drive speakers which this amplifier does amazingly on. You won't find many amps that can get bass of a pair of Maggies and still sound really composed and airy at the same time.

First time I heard the Vanguard was at Rudi, second time @ Dhiveshan's place (think it was the BiG Van) playing dCS - Manley pre - Van into Harbeth's. Both MarkC and myself agreed, absolutely sublime


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