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--- Quote from: Charl4e on July 16, 2021, 01:48:21 PM ---Ahh, thanks for confirming. I've been trying to get my hands on some Hi Rez audio without paying for something I own in other formats. I stream Apple Music and Tidal. Download from Tidal to iPhone means I can only Bluetooth it back to Limetree Network. I can find no ways of getting anything but the little green light lit on the Lindemann (PCM44.1kHz). Just wanted to "see" if I'd appreciate something more than PCM44.1
Unfortunately I cannot get iTunes 96kHz to the German streamer DAC.

Fiber plus iTunes (now lossless) or Tidal (HiFi) to streamer / DAC sounds pretty good though, just not as good as a proper CD player.

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Are you using Tidal from your phone, or from a computer? Also stating the obvious, but Tidal master is only available via their native applications (and not the browser).

If from a phone, check your streaming settings in Tidal:

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For ripping CDs, nothing is better than dbPoweramp

You can tweak it quite a bit (adding DSP etc) and it very kindly looks up Metadata and artwork by itself.   It generally rips CDs at 5 to 8 times normal speed, so the job is over quickly

Just organise your filing system properly beforehand


--- Quote from: CoryV on July 15, 2021, 10:24:51 PM ---For 30 years or so I have loved my iPod , linked to iTunes on my Windows PC. I intend to keep the 30 or so GB on my new (10 yrs old) iPod Touch. I am now a pensioner in the sticks without corporate bandwidth and reliant on expensive Vodacom 4G
But fibre will be here shortly   :Whoohoo:

Do I stick with iTunes? It works on download, but can I stream?

I intend to buy a larger portable hard drive

But what route do you suggest for ripping, downloading and reasonable quality playback. Do I stick with iTunes ?

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Couple of thoughts:

1) if you intend to keep your music collection, I would suggest stick to iTunes. Yes, there surely are other options, but you know this one. And with iTunes you can still rip CDs to any quality you like, even lossless, and store them in your library. Then your own music can be in your iTunes library, saved on your harddrive, and you can move it to your iPod as you see fit. I have experienced storage failure on iPods, so strongly suggest you do not use the iPod as your only storage.

2) To my knowledge, between iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc. - iTunes is the only one where you can rip and add your own music to your library. So aside from it being "the devil you know", it does offer slightly more flexibility.

3) Then, for streaming: The choices between Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal can become bewildering. Apple does now offer lossless streaming, download and playback. I use both Apple and Tidal, and I find that there is some music I can find on Apple, but not on Tidal. So since you know the Apple ecosystem, I don't think you're putting yourself at a disadvantage by staying there.

4) Lastly, with an Apple Music you can download to your heart's content to your devices, whether your phone app or to iTunes on your computer. BUT, you cannot transfer downloaded music from an Apple Music subscription to any iPod Classic. But since you have an iPod Touch - it should be ok, since it is also app-based.

In short - yes there are lots of options, but since you know Apple - just keep using iTunes with your iPod Touch, and add an Apple Music subscription once you get fibre.


--- Quote from: johan.pretorius on July 16, 2021, 02:19:41 PM ---Are you using Tidal from your phone, or from a computer? Also stating the obvious, but Tidal master is only available via their native applications (and not the browser).

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Using the dedicated Lindemann app (on iPad and iPhone). All is set to stream highest resolution, but I now see the Limetree Network does not support MQA.
Streaming services include Tidal, but (quietly) never mentions MQA under supported codecs.
Apologies, getting off topic, comments appreciated though.

Thanks all, esp Tontgeldoos

Will i be able to load from Apple Music to iTunes?


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