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I need some advice

For 30 years or so I have loved my iPod , linked to iTunes on my Windows PC. I intend to keep the 30 or so GB on my new (10 yrs old) iPod Touch. I am now a pensioner in the sticks without corporate bandwidth and reliant on expensive Vodacom 4G
But fibre will be here shortly   :Whoohoo:

Do I stick with iTunes? It works on download, but can I stream?

I intend to buy a larger portable hard drive

But what route do you suggest for ripping, downloading and reasonable quality playback. Do I stick with iTunes ?

Although I have been on the web for a long ttime , and also have a nice record player, I consider myself a noob

Many thanks

I think your question is actually three questions in one.

1. Streaming music: iTunes itself does not offer this, but Apple does in the form of Apple Music. It's R 59.99/month to stream pretty much any song you can think of at fair quality (the equivalent of a high quality MP3 rip). There are many competing services. Spotify is by far the most popular worldwide. A lot of guys around here use Tidal HiFi for the higher audio quality, even though it is more expensive. All offer a try-before-you-buy option, so you can see which has the best value for you, and contracts are month-to-month so can be stopped any time with no repercussions. All offer "offline" listening, which saves the songs on your PC or phone so you don't need to re-stream each time, but you can then only play the songs from within their proprietary app.

2. Ripping from CD, library management, and playback of saved digital files: I don't know a lot about this. I think iTunes is fine for this for MP3 quality files. Higher quality (FLAC, etc.) is a bit of a black hole for me so I will let the more experienced guys answer here.

3. Buying music. You can still buy from iTunes, of course. You can also buy directly from the artist on Bandcamp. They will often offer FLAC quality files there. There are other sites to buy from, but again I defer to those with more experience.

Overall I would say, if you are not already operating within the high-bit-rate/lossless paradigm, and once your fibre is ready, try the streaming services and see if they fulfill your needs in terms of library and audio quality. If so, you will have a streamlined, unified solution for music on all devices (phone, PC, iPad, etc.).

Most available music streaming services offer a free 15 to 30 day trail...some of them even offer 3 month trials...some of them have a free tier albeit with limited functionality and short adverts between every 8 or so tracks...

Give them all a go and see what you prefer :thumbs:

You can only download Tidal music on a phone for offline listening, not on a computer (unless you intercept the audio).


--- Quote from: johan.pretorius on July 16, 2021, 09:10:33 AM ---You can only download Tidal music on a phone for offline listening, not on a computer (unless you intercept the audio).

--- End quote ---

Ahh, thanks for confirming. I've been trying to get my hands on some Hi Rez audio without paying for something I own in other formats. I stream Apple Music and Tidal. Download from Tidal to iPhone means I can only Bluetooth it back to Limetree Network. I can find no ways of getting anything but the little green light lit on the Lindemann (PCM44.1kHz). Just wanted to "see" if I'd appreciate something more than PCM44.1
Unfortunately I cannot get iTunes 96kHz to the German streamer DAC.

Fiber plus iTunes (now lossless) or Tidal (HiFi) to streamer / DAC sounds pretty good though, just not as good as a proper CD player.


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