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Cabinet for Philips AD 3800


Measured these when I had a pair of 5 ohm Philips AD 3800 drivers in some old 70s Goodmans cabinets.  Made from 16 or 18mm ply.  They originally contained a pair of Goodmans TwinAxiom 8 drivers, but I found the Philips to be better sounding.

Measurements will follow, and then some pictures to give you an idea of how these should look.

Posting this in the hopes that it will help someone with these drivers.  They truely sound excellent and can be had for next to nothing.

Internal dimensions (WxHxD):
395 x 570 x 210 mm

Internal port dimensions (WxHxD):
175 x 100 x 155 mm

Distance from bottom port wood panal to internal cabinet bottom:
134 mm

Distance from top of internal cabinet to top of driver cutout:
69 mm

Driver cutout:
179 mm



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