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Hi guys I have read the last thread but the last post was bout 2 years back. The system recommended a new thread... so here we go - apologies in advance...

I am soon to be in the market of a new bean-to cup machine.

My Delonghi Primadonna S after 8 years of averaging 80 cups of cappies per month is having issues. I have repaired her about 4 times in the last 8 years. two repairs could have been avoided but such is life...

I find the milk frothing is not what it used to be either....

I am not considering a semi-automatic - bean there done that... its nice at first but, if you need to get going in the morning and dont have time... this is not for you...

I am dreading a 5th repair, and I am wondering what else can I get around 10-12k?

Something that can definitely texture the milk properly...

Ive seen some reviews on the Phillips with Lattego which looks interesting...

Ive also seen reviews for Siemens and they are rated...   But from the last threasd, most ppl like Jura, Saeco and then Delonghi...

your thoughts and recommendations will be appreciated.

I have a Breville. If it does, I'm getting another just like it. Paid 5k for mine, I think at the moment it is around what you're looking to spend. Excellent stainless steel grinder, and texturises well.

Of you're in Joburg, you're welcome to come and test drive.

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Oops, just saw that you don't want a semi automatic. That would rule this one out. In my opinion this will texturise better than any automatic, but if you're making many cups, then I understand.

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I bought a second hand Jura F50 and Iím very happy I did!

Not sure of your location, Iím in Cape Town and there is a repairer and parts importer down the road and service costs are reasonable.  A unit like that can do over 100 000 cups of coffee, (one of my concerns when I bought mine was the 12 000 cups it had on it, when investigating this I was told that itís barely out the blocks!)

Milk frother is really, really good.

There are second-hand Juras that appear now and then.  My one's pump motor stopped working, that was a R1800 repair.   I get all my supplies from Quaffee in Constantia and they lent me a machine whilst mine was being repaired

The Jura does not do milk and I prefer to use a dedicated gas-powered accessory for a kettle for this as its more flexible and easy to clean

There are 3 Juras on Gumtree.  Quaffee also sell them, an enquiry to is an idea


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