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Has anyone had experience in using one of the 'integrated' amplifiers with a Raspberry Pi, e.g. the IQaudio DigiAMP+ ?  I'm not expecting sound quality to be as good as the DAC Pro and external amp, but for convenience and size, this is quite nifty.

Or do you have suggestions for something else at a similar price point to drive small bookshelf speakers?

Just pop a HAT DAC on top of the Pi and say hello to decent output sound quality! The HAT DAC's are compatible with most Pi's.

Here's the one I'm using until the RME ADI 2 arrives:


I've had very good success with these boards.  Been using them for about 6 or so years.  Easy to use and works a charm.  I think you'll be surprised with there output and convenience.  Similar to using the RPi with DACs you can expect the same but with an integrated AMP.  I also like the fact that the volume is hardware controlled.  Works great as Roon endpoints(DietPi with Roon), LMS receivers(PiCorePlayer) or standalone(Volumio, although I prefer MoodeAudio) and being Linux based there is a lot of other options too.  Currently busy building a few wireless speakers to use with LMS.

Enjoy.  Happy to answer any questions you may have on PM.

To echo what @dekardy said ,I found the IQAudio&Pi DAC/Amp to be very easy to use and great sounding too.I used IQaudio's software and was very happy with the set up.Decent output for easy to drive bookshelf speakers  :thumbs:


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