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^^ I was wondering about the Monzo condom...

Stand on your head and it will read Onzow.Zerodust. It is similar but inferior to the DS next to it. Using it as a condom may not work out as anticipated. The little cheapo jewelery box may well be needed if using the Onzow as a condom. However here the little box containa a piece of magic eraser that sees occasional use as a stylus cleaner

Looks like a DS Audio style sticky but not to the stylus type thing.

Thanks G - was rather confusing without a clue what it did either.  I tried out a Nagaoka static gun thing which I expect does something similar.  Worked well enough but it was more fun just shocking people with it

Roads better not taken in record and stylus care. Second from left is Philips'version of the anti-static gun. Cute and maybe 1/10 as effective as the Furutech-and you know what,the Furutech also makes CDs sound better-and tapes too.The generic stylus cleaner fluid next to the AT vibrator is equally dicey. The bottle of Mobile Fidelity stylus cleaner in my initial post  I got as a gift from Audio Asylum 10 years ago and  still enough left to get pre Ultrasonic crud from styli. Not as good as Lyra SPT but that is very costly and SPT only lasted a few months.