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Strange forum message yesterday

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Anyone else have a strange 'lockout' yesterday (Sat 12 June) around 9pm?

I was busy looking at various threads in various sections of the site, as one does, when suddenly everything disappeared, other than the normal grey AVForums border and the logo in the top left, and a message window which said

"Sorry NSWanderer but you have been banned from the forum. This ban is not set to expire."

No options, nothing, except a 'back' button - which led to the same screen again.

Obviously, quite a nasty surprise... was it something I said?  :BWAHAHAH: Then you think, oh sh*t, my account's been hacked, what else have 'they' gotten hold of...
Eventually I just closed the browser window (I use Firefox) and a little later opened the homepage as an unknown visitor. Then I was able to log in normally.
I've never seen anything like this before - anyone else have the same? Should I worry?

It might have been an IP conflict.  Once when I was overseas I had something similar, using Safari on an iPad

The next day it was fine

As Chris said... now quickly post some pics of your AV gear before it happens again. We are watching you!   :teach:


I beat you to it.  Sure he is a proud owner




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