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Which SA Products do you own ?

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Which SA Products do you own ?

It would also be interesting to see which SA products are on the wish lists of members

Valve Audio Exclamé 150
Valve Audio Whisper MC/MM
Vivere (killed by lightning)
Sonor Audio Claro 6.1
Croak PSU
Mellerware Biltong King
Nguni Hide

Lerange Equipment stand
Sound Structures speaker Stands
Eagle Audio Equipment stand
Liquid Days Valve Pre Amp

Have owned
Sonor VKone

VA predator

Built / Created
Several dozen custom
power supplies
Croak Audio Tick Tock Low Jitter CD Clock
Croak Ballast Rega upgrade counterweight. 

I've changed the poll to allow multi-votes per person because quite a few of us own more than one local product. I own:

Sonor Audio
Bentley Speakers
Lerange Equipment Stand
Sound Structures Equipment Stand


Have owners Bentley Acoustics FR110 & FS 120’s in my stereo setup

Currently running Bentley Acoustics FS150’s, FC150 & FR80’s in home theatre
And Bentley Acoustics FS250 in my stereo system.

On my wishlist certainly:
Valve Audio Whisper (with upgrade)

Gecko Arisio Valve pre-amp
Valve Audio exclame or predator

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