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Affordable Valve integrated - MUZISHARE X7 KT88


Stumbled across this..

Does anybody have it?


Seems fairly similar to Cayin (not a bad thing).

I've also read that Muzishare is made in the same factory as Line Magnetic, but I can't confirm that to be true.

Muzishare seems to be a new kid on the block offering good performance products, there are quite a couple of impression up on Youtube. I've been checking out a couple of value amplifiers from that side of the world and they seem to be pretty good for the money, the other being Willsenton.

Unfortunately it is always the shipping costs that trip them up to these part of the world (the transformers are heavy). So packaging and shipping is also a bit of the worry and if these arrive damaged then you are going to have trouble with support.

I wouldn't look twice at those Chinese-made amps while amps like the Mars Companion are available locally, with proper local manufacturing and support.



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