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Valve Rectifier Database, Substitution Guide, Notes and Companion Files



Kudos to the team behind the collection and documentation of this information and making it available at a single location. The notes below the database are valuable and very informing. Also included are the associated "companion" files. Enjoy !  :)

Valve Rectifier Database, Substitution Guide and Notes:

Companion Files:

Vacuum Tube and Related Information (excellent!):

Rectifier Notes:

Gas Rectifier Notes:

Voltage Regulator Tubes:

List of tube manufacturers (new production):

Marantz123.  :)

Yes :)


Interesting sites.

Just be careful as some of the substitution notes are not correct.

Morning All,

I have a box of valves but most of them are not marked. How can i find out what valve type and values they are.


Try plonking them in the fridge or freezer and then see if you can see any faded markings when you breathe on them.

If not, you will have a problem.



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