Author Topic: My Schiit Lyr 3 just died... and took my Sennheiser GSP 500 headset with it  (Read 228 times)

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In a nutshell: My Lyr 3 went crazy on me and fried my gaming headset.

Started making very loud popping noises and not playing any sounds through my HD800. Tested it with the tung Sol and Lysst tubes... nothing. thought it was the HD800 and thankfully it still worked plugged directly into my phone and laptop. So I decided to test it on low gain with my gaming Sennheiser GSP500 and.... that was a bad idea. Loud POP... and smoke was coming out of the driver chambers of the GSP500. GG headset.

The AMP really is a headphone killer. Thankfully it didn't take my HD800 with it. Not sure why. But it seems ok.  :pray:

I've had the amp for a year now? No issues before. Bought it 2nd hand locally. Loved it actually. But after this i'm over it. Cant trust it again.

So 2 questions: Can I repair the headset? There is sound but veeeeeery soft. Not sure if that means the drivers are ok and it was burnt out wiring.
And can I repair this AMP? Not to use but to sell to whoever is crazy enough to buy it.