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MacBook Pro battery replacement

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My Retina Display MBP 13" mid-2014 now has a tired battery (down to max 2 hours).

I am considering having a new battery put in.
Any recommendations in Cape Town?
And an idea of price?

(It seems that MacWave in the city can replace for R2084 and no labour cost - is this a good deal, or can I do better?)

2 hours is not the end of the world, but I am worried that when it gets down to <1 hour, the price would have gone up considerably,
or the Apple batteries may no longer be available? Is it time to replace, or do I hang in there a bit longer?

All advice appreciated.


I don't make such plans for future. It is inconsistent with a purchase choice where a battery is not removable. One electromagnetic nuke blast and all electronic equipment is blown, it is a digression.

A battery health is not always registered correctly. You can reset stats by doing two full discharge cycles till the laptop switches off itself (it require to run the application that prevents from sleeping), then a full charge, plus two extra hours on a charger after laptop reports that is not charging anymore. And then compare a battery health.

R2084 is not too bad.  Znet Computers in Klipfontein Road in Surrey Estate will sell you a new battery for between R1500 and R1700.  They are on the net

Changing the battery is very easy.  Undo all the screws on the bottom.  You will see the battery has one or two screws holding it down.  Just lift it out and put in the new one

MacBook Airs use 5-sided pentalobe screws but the Pro uses 1.2mm Philips/Posidrive head screws

Last battery I bought for air came with a pentalobe driver...

Another place I've used and sent people to are Keltech at 2 Roeland Street in Cape Town (right next to the Catholic Cathedral).  Run by Zimbabwe guys and provide really good service for reasonable prices

They replaced my neighbour's iPad battery and glass for under R1000.  It was interesting watching the tech remove the old glass with the aid of a heat gun and suckers attached to the glass.  It took him 10 mins


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