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I must be (even more) dof than  :angrywife: tells me I am.

I use a NAS with music stored on it in folders. Artist name & name of album, track number & track title in the aforementioned folder.

The aforementioned folders are also duplicated on my desktop PC so I can use iTunes.

FLAC files on the NAS, ALAC files on the PC for iTunes.

To create a playlist (or many different ones) in iTunes is easy. Create the playlist, give it a name & simply drag & drop tracks into the playlist. To listen to the playlist I just select it & press play. Transferring it to my phone is also easy, & it is then used for background listening on a BT speaker. Simplicity in itself.

The network streamer is a Cambridge Audio NP30. Works well for internet radio, and plays the files from the NAS perfectly well too.


I cannot create & SAVE a playlist on it. Which is daft. It means I have to create a playlist every. single. time. I. want. to. listen to files on the NAS.

Creation is easy enough, but there is zero option to save it. To recreate a playlist of say 100 tracks takes far too long & is a royal PITA.

So, anyone know how to do so? Google-Fu is zero help. It also seems, from my Google searches, that this is the norm with most network streamers?

Just walk to the rack and pick an LP.

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Are you using their Stream Magic app to interact with the streamer?


--- Quote from: shikra on April 29, 2021, 03:44:35 PM ---Are you using their Stream Magic app to interact with the streamer?

--- End quote ---

Yes. It allows for the easy creation of a playlist, but there is no option to save it.

I don't use StreamMagic but found this on their support site which might work for you:


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