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Calling experts on this one: when using the Tidal app directly to a DAC (non-MQA), the sample rates are 88.2 or 44.1kHz.

When using either Daphile or BubbleUPnP with an external UPnP renderer that gives spdif to the same DAC, the DAC recognizes all sample rates of test files from 48-192kHz (DSD omitted for simplicity), so the chain works correctly.

However, when using Tidal with those methods, it sticks to 44.1kHz even with the Master recordings. It also shows it as such in the software.
Somehow it therefore seems that Tidal through UPnP is downsampled but I cannot see anywhere to change it?

I have no idea if BubbleUPnP passes through MQA quality. This thread elsewhere suggests it does not:

The airplay 16/44.1 limitation seems to be problem, what is max sample-rate on upnp bridge config?

The lack of hirez non-mqa TIDAL source may also contribute and 24bit samples that will be bit-depth reduced to 16bit.

Navigating through the morass of online forums it seems Tidal cannot stream beyond 44/16 through LMS although it's all based on user experiences and several years old so hardly proof of the current situation. Another concern is the quality of the downsampling, even if 44/16 is platable in principle.

Nevertheless, Audioirvana claims to support high-res Tidal streaming so I guess that is next up to test. Pity though as I like Daphile's very lightweight interface.

Try to disable FFmpeg audio decoding (to PCM) on BubbleUPnP.


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