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HDMI cable from amp to 4K PJ ... what are you using ??

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I think The time has come for me to change my extremely old HDMI cable 15yrs for a newer higher spec. cable . The length required is 7,5 m min. It will be running from my amp in the ceiling to UHD30 4K PJ. What are you using , would suggest or even offer if you have. Thereís tons on line that all profess to be high speed , 4K but honestly they donít look like quality and their cheap prices make me more and more skeptical not that I want to break the bank ...  Ta in advance


you need something similar to this
for 4:4:4 you need a active hdmi cable fibre cables are very good

Thought of this one myself, so don't hesitate too long

I really thought the object of an optical HDMI cable was that there is no loss even over a very long run.  A church multimedia system I helped set up in Goodwood uses a 100m length from the pulpit, in a 40mm conduit to the projector in the ceiling.

Thanks guys got it on good authority this cable woks a treat ... BTW can someone please explain this 4.4.4 and 4.4.2 pull down story .... I'm Lost

4:4:4 is the highest color spec uncompressed
Copper HDmi  Cables suffer from bandwidth limitations above 5m so the colours get compressed.  hence the fibre cable.
that wyrestrom is a steal at that price
i dont know the baobab from takealot


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