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After a slew of power outages in Centurion, I need a UPS for the two routers. I want to spend no more than R2000.
What should I look for and is there major differences between the brands ?
Huge PC in Centurion only stocks Super Channel. I see takealot has APC and Mercer. Prefer not to buy online.

If you want something to last you the two hours has quite a few options specifically that will suffice, and can get for that budget.
You can get a small ups called the Ratel (Communica has them), which is purpose built for things like routers. Ellies also has small a solution.
There are lots of small options now purpose built for routers. As far as brands go, like everything, better brands will be built more reliably and solidly and will potentially give you the ability to change batteries which would add to the longevity of the product.

I have a 1100W normal Mecer PC UPS backing up my one repeater, it's a hack and an expensive overkill compared to the solutions above.

Two hours is short. In my area, it's no so much load shedding. When the power is down it's down for hours.
I need something 5 hrs at least to support 2 routers and 1 laptop. I see on the rear of these UPS's that the plugs are kettle and my routers have std. 2 pins.

How does that work ?


I got this and in the last batch of loadhsedding the battery indicator did not move in the 2 hour period, not sure how accurate it is.
Dont think it will work for a laptop, but will be fine for a router or 2.

Only for the routers? If so, are the not 12v DC? All you then require is a 12v battery (Alarm battery would probably work - it keeps my Huawei VDSL router happily running for 4-5 hours).

If for other peripherals, look for an Inverter. I am not a fan of MSW Inverters, the PSW inverters are more expensive but much kinder to electronics. You should find one a 1500w PSW Inverter falling within your budget.



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