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50 Years of misstakes, rambling and the occasional success.

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Ingvar Ahlberg:
Around this time of the year, but in 1971, I built my first amplfier, very simple solid state with design right out of the RCA/Texas Instruments transitor databooks, didnīt know how to make a curcuit board back then so it was point to point wiring, worked thou.

At that age I also started to work after school at a hifi shop, this was in a very small northern subburb of Stockholm, around 5000 inhabitants, not any shop thou, among the standard inventory there was this:

There also was a lot of JBL in the store, L26, L36, L100 century and L65 Jubal, a very nice place to spend time in after school and on weekends.


Oh WOW! That's how yo do it. I flipping mowed lawns :facepalm:

I would have given my eye teeth to work at a HiFi store in the late 80s early 90s. I remember getting dropped off at one of the malls on a Saturday and hanging around one of the HiFi stores like a lovestruck puppy, obsessing over the kit, barging my way into demos.

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Ingvar Ahlberg:
At that age, 13, didnīt have the funds to buy any af the magic stuff in that shop I had to find other ways on the journey towards the sound I wanted.

I had the homebuilt amp, could buy a pair of Philips 9710 and had found H.H Klingers book, Build for HiFi sound and with help from the chapter on quarter wave designs built a pair of TQWT enclosures for the drivers.

One of the two owners of the shop became a close friend, we actually still have contact, he today has one of the largest collections of classic Altec stuff and such anywhere, he also found me a Thorens TD150, damaged in transportation, broken lid and damag to the wood veneer on the rear and right side, worked thou and I got it for free.

Bought an ADC 26 cartridge for an almost for free price, set everything up according to instructions and it actually sounded almost good, not the way the spekers sounded when we tested them in the shop thou.

Amplifier probably the culprit.


Ingvar Ahlberg:
It was just about that time, not the same time as the fur trapper stood up and realised that he could not see, this as a result of Nanookīs rubbing deadly yellow snow crystals in his beady little eyes, but i walked into a small flea market, not across the thundra, mile after mile, to Sīt Alphonso, and I did not steal any margarine, but in the flea market there was a little amp, marked as defective.

So for 50 SEK, the price of two beers, and as I was 13 I was not allowed to buy beer I consequently carried a Dynaco SCA 35 home.



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