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Nibs van der Spuy & Guy Buttery release


Nibs Van Der Spuy
Sometimes the stars align and something magical is in the air. This happened on the evening my dear friend, Guy Buttery pulled in to Lisbon and we played a beautiful concert on the banks on the mighty Tagus River. Unbeknown to both of us the tapes were rolling which resulted in our second duo album, 'Live in Lisbon'.

We are happy announce that this Friday, 2 April, 'Live in Lisbon' will land on all digital platforms. We would love for you to check it out and relive that beautiful evening on that warm Lisbon spring night 🙏🎶🕊️
in KwaZulu-Natal.



Will be fantastic - I have the Wild Fig album, and was fortunate to see them at Die Boer in Dville.

Guy also has an album with Derek Gripper, which should be just as great!  :notworthy:


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