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Where did my ad go? Mods?

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I put up an ad for the Quad ESL 2905.  Can any mod explain what happened to it or why it was deleted?  It was  afor sale ad, and people were invited to put in offers?  Does that transgress a rule?

A notification / clarification would be the decent thing to do?

You have to show an asking price.


--- Quote from: thenoizeguy on March 18, 2021, 07:10:45 PM ---You have to show an asking price.

--- End quote ---

Ok, let me get some guidelines in the general discussion section and try again.  It was open to offers, considering the uniqueness of the situation.  But let's try again.

Would be nice to be informed and for the ad to not just be summarily deleted? 

I've seen other ads left up and people allowed to amend the ad by stipulating an asking price.  Really random application

The guidelines clearly state you have to put up a price.  I assume this is to stop bidding wars and similar 'issues'.

Send a PM to a mod.  These things do not get discussed on the public forum.

I suspect this thread will be deleted soon.

So trouble can be taken to delete an ad without advertiser getting a chance to amend and add a price, but no effort made to just PM "Ad a price or we delete your ad'?  We're adults here.  But let me get some guidelines in the discussion section and start over. 


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