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Using Keystone Adjustment on Epson TW9300

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hi all - quick one

i recently has to use the Keystone adjustment on my PJ - for some odd reason the image was off (there are curtains which i think my 2yr old was playing with which may have moved the PJ)
I couldnt get the image right without using the keystone adjustment - my question is: Does using this affect image quality in any way??


Yes, you're distorting the image through pixel scaling, so you're losing resolution and potential introducing scaling artefacts. How badly it affects the image depends on the quality of your projector's scaling and how much correction you apply. Might have minimal impact, might have a lot. Ideally, for a permanent setup, you want the projector properly positioned so it need not be applied.

Thanks KenMasters
I thought as much
Here are some images taken from my cell with the keystone set to zero

Blue image shows it quite aggressively as I reduced the image size

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Image zoomed to where it is normally

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