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New Room Layout
« on: March 11, 2021, 09:28:18 AM »
After hunting around for a new apartment recently, my wife and I have developed a new appreciation for our current place. Calling our search off, we've decided a better investment would be to upgrade our living room area to make the most of the space we have.

To that end, I'm moving my AV setup from in front of the only source of natural light in the room (which I selfishly hogged so my speakers could fire down its length). We're also buying a new modular couch than can be reconfigured for social engagements, but now I'm getting sidetracked...

The apartment is soundproofed with two layers of thick drywall packed with damping material, other than the wall on the right, which is a solid structural wall (other side of which is still our apartment). The oak wood floors are also lying on top of a bed of damping material. To improve the listening experience within the space, I'd like to add some room treatment. As this is the primary living space of the apartment, it's important that the room remain aesthetically pleasing, so bass traps are not going to fly.

Here's the room layout, I've placed a number alongside each treated position so you can see what I plan to place there. Any opinions on the general layout or treatment types and positions appreciated:

1. Absorber and high frequency diffusor (D: 5cm W/H: 60cm x 120cm) -
2. Quadratic diffusor (D: 135mm W/H 415mm x 430mm) -
3: Absorber (D: 5cm W/H: 150cm x 75cm) -

If you care to know, this is the planned "social" configuration:

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Re: New Room Layout
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Start with treating the first reflection points with thick  8" medium density absorption panels, perhaps covered in a nice breathable fabric mounted off the wall. No need for diffusion or broadband absorption with scatter plates in the first reflection zone.