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Karabo C:
So, I have become quite fascinated with smoking meats of different varieties.

So far I have 3 types of smokers (kettle, offset smoker and bullet type smoker) and I quite enjoy using each for different cooks.

A frustration I have in particular is finding good quality, nicely marbled brisket.

Where do I look?

The number of specialist butcheries is decreasing

Two good ones in Cape Town are Giovanni's in Three Anchor Bay and Werda Butchery in Southfield

Karabo C:
True, specialist butcheries are few. Pity I am in JHB.

I'm looking for good quality, reasonably priced brisket. Something a step up from what you get from the big supermarket stores, but not wagyu level meat either.

Did you try Impala Meats in Northcliff ?

They are a ways away but kings meat in Pretoria.
I order brisket and chuck mince monthly.

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