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I have developed a liking for cooking and I have been experimenting with various easy dishes to make. I like fried rice and thought I would give it a try. I watched a couple of Youtube clips and there was one with an oriental couple that posted a recipe that looked like a tasty and easy recipe to make. It included fish sauce. They said they don't like fishy-fishy taste, but no worry, fish sauce, no fishy-fishy taste.
I only know soy sauce...

OMW - when I put the fish sauce in the pan when cooking it started to smell so bad that my neighbour called to ask what died? OK, exaggerating a bit now, but the smell was so bad it lingered in my place for about 3 days.

Since then I have wondered how restaurants manage to use fish sauce without driving all their customers away? Did I miss something, or is there a secret to cooking with fishy-fishy... no smell, sauce?

Only use straight from the bottle and only a few drops at a time, let it do its thing (having closed the bottle) and then taste to see if it needs more.  Half a teaspoon is generally enough in a red curry or other dish for four.  Itís fermented anchovies so tends to pong a bit.

And always add once the rest of the ingredients are in the pan.  I would imagine fish sauce onto hot pan metal would be a rather unpleasant smell

Thanks, :giggle: JonnyP I used about 1 tablespoon of sauce in a hot pan. The dish did not tase fishy-fishy, but heck the pong was horrendous. I will try your suggestion. (when I have built up some courage)

As someone who enjoys fried rice you have to watch "Uncle Roger" critique other folks making it!


Iíve seen him on Mock the Week before where he did have a good few jokes about white people cooking rice.


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