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Hi guys, needing some advice:

I have this studio apartment (which was previously a double garage) which I want to convert to my ht room and man cave.

I am not sure how to best utilise the space.

I've attached a pic of the layout with measurements as best I could.

Ideally I'm going to move the cupboard and have a new cupboard incorporating the entrance to the bathroom. (the bathroom is open with no door / just a screen)

I would also like to keep the bed set in there, if i can (in case the wife kicks me out).

I have an L shaped recliner lounge set for this room, but placement will depend on where the TV is mounted.

System is a Marantz 7015 running 5.2.4 (that's the plan) as this is the equipment on hand.

The TV is to be bought, but is going to be either 65"/75".

May also keep my stereo set here too, Marantz pm7000 and MA floorstanders

Thank a million for looking and the invaluable advice

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So I'm about to hopefully pull the trigger on a tv... Choices are a slightly better specced 65" maybe hisense 65U8G or Samsung Q60A, otherwise a 75" LG nano 75 or Samsung AU8000.

This what I'm thinking of doing in the room... Furthest distance I could ever sit away from the TV would be 4.6m or closest 3.6m.

I'm currently using a 50" TV and sit about 3 - 3.7 meters away. It's comfortable viewing.

Still planning to do 5.2.4 set up

The smaller rectangle would be the 65" and the 75" is the larger

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Cool project going on there Kshah. Are you mounting your TV on short wall or long wall of the room? Couldn't tell from the pics. Being a HT room, any thoughts on using a projector

@Audioholic, As it stands the TV most likely will be wall mounted probably where masking tape markup is - in the pics on my second post (The longer wall being on the right hand side of the pics).

That means that I would have my HT occupying 3.0m x 5m of the room - hopefully can accommodate a 5.2.4 setup which I have just waiting to be installed.

A projector is still maybe part of the plan,  but TV only for now - will revisit this in the future.

I considered the long wall - i.e. the 5 meter wall, and possibly locating the  electronics on the side where I have done the markup, but this would need new and longer cabling than I have. But even if I move everything to the longer wall, which can easily work, I would possibly waste a lot of space in the room, and presently I am considering putting in my pool table in this room as well an office desk for when I have to work at home.   

What I am debating at the moment is whether to buy a 75" that is not HDMI 2.1 or buy a 65" that has that feature - both may cost the same.


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