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General Cabling Help
« on: January 20, 2021, 01:42:08 PM »
Hello :)

I am looking for some assistance on cleaning up the sound as much as possible on my current system.

I do some basic mixing on vinyl and have noticed that there is noise (heard on both headphones and main out) whenever I turn the gain up on my mixer. I understand this could be due to the actual machinery as I am using Numark TTX and TT500 as turntables (they are certainly no Technics SL1200s) and am using a Pioneer DJM250Mk2 mixer. However, there is the same amount of noise coming from both decks and I figured there may be some things I could do in the cabling department to clean things up - at least a bit.

With that in mind I am directly looking for some advise on:
  • What kind of multi-plug should I be using to reduce the noise on power delivery? I don't think my rats nest of surge protection Ellies is a helping me here.
  • Where is the best place to source RCA cables? I need a grounded RCA (for one of the decks) and also just looking for better RCA -> RCA in general.
Any tips on the best places to source higher quality cables and plugs in general would be appreciated!


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Re: General Cabling Help
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Re: General Cabling Help
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It might be helpful to look through here a bit:,51839.0.html

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Re: General Cabling Help
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Getting more noise when you tun up the gain is what should happen. Do you have noise as in hissy stuff, or hum?