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Im in a market for a benchtop/portable thicknesser planer, or a jointer/thicknesser combo. I basically don't want a big bulky machine, and also not looking to spend a lot of money.

I've been on the net reading reviews and watching videos, but all of those videos are from overseas. The one candidate I am interested in is a Dewalt DW735, but I can not find even a single reference of it on the South African web search results.

I will be doing quite a bit of wood work and looking for a long term solution. Budget is around R15K.


1 - Where can one find Dewalt planer thicknessers?
2 - What other recommendation or alternatives can you suggest?
3 - Is a benchtop thicknesser even worth it in the first place?

Thanks in advance.

In the market for the same but looking at Metabo.

Have a look at

METABO | Bench Thicknesser

METABO | Planer Thicknesser

Curios to see what suggestions will come out of this.

I had a Jet that I sold a little while back. Jet make good machines in terms of reliability and value for money. The question - is it worth it? I would say unless you do a LOT of woodwork, the short answer is no. There is no one answer though, it really depends on you. Be aware they are noisy as hell, especially with hard wood. We used it to plane Saligna, which is hard, but not exceptionally hard and it was loud. In small volumes it will probably work out more cost effective and a lot less hassle to have the supplier plane for you.

Like so

I looked at both METABO and JET, which are widely available locally. I would like to compare them with Dewalt price wise, if there is one locally.

Makita is another trusted brand but on the expensive side.

Buy an older Elektra-Beckum.


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