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Data corruption arghhhh

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I just need to vent and ask for help. My old PC that was used for measurement purposes gave up the ghost and on it were some speaker workshop files containing X-over designs and such. Now the hard drive was still working and I copied the data to my current PC, assuming that all was good...however on trying to open a specific .swd (Speaker Workshop project file) it bombs out repeatedly.

Does someone here run WinXP with Speaker Workshop and is willing to test opening this file? I don't have the speakers at hand to re-measure the blessed thing even, so it's really driving me up the wall.

The Godfather:
Got an environment at home - will be able to do it tomorrow?


I have an old version of Speaker Workshop (Ver. 1.06) that I have just installed on my PC, wunning Windows 7.

It seems to work ok...

You can send the file to me at the email address that I will send to you in a PM and I will see if it runs.


Eric was able to open the file......seems like I might have to start a VM and load an old copy of XP or something.

Eric, you are a real star. Thank you for taking the time to screen shot that file.


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