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Laptop Batteries (Dell Vostro 3500)


I am looking for a replacement battery for a Dell Vostro 3500 laptop. The original Dell battery did something like 8 years while the NNB replacement generic battery barely did 18 months. I have no problem with generic batteries but would at least expect something like 4-5 years usage.

Any recommendations for a suitable, reliable supplier?


I've bought quite a few items from these guys (batteries, replacement keyboards, power supplies and replacement LCD panels for notebooks).

Very efficient and next day delivery.

E-mail them the original part number and they will send a quote.

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There is a shop in Athlone, Cape Town, Z-Net computers

I have purchased 10 or 12 batteries from them, mainly for MacBooks and a Dell Latitude

There is huge stock of batteries in the shop and its vital to have a sample, as the differences are subtle.   If it were me, I'd prefer a local supplier

But if you are stuck.....

Thanks guys, I had forgotten about Partmasters, have sent them an email.

Guess I could also try Universe Direct in CT because we have bought some "previously loved" Dell laptops from them for the office and had no issues with their warranty.


I buy a lot from Universe Direct and they offer reliable used goods


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