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Re: Tidal Costs
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Cost of the Family Plan is R179.99

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Re: Tidal Costs
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I pay R119 for full HiFi sub

When did you start subscribing to Tidal @Nikkel
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Re: Tidal Costs
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Cant recall but somewhere between Aug and Sep

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Re: Tidal Costs
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I have a bit of a bummer.

I subscribed to Tidal when it was still not natively available in SA. So I did it from behind a geo-blocking service with a US IP address.
My subscription is $19.99 for hifi so it around R340 per month depending on the going forex rate.

This is what it looks like when I go to the My Subscription info on Tidal

For the guys paying R120 for hifi, can you confirm that your details per the above info is in ZAR?

I wonder if I can convince someone at Tidal to change mine ...... ?????

Just to conclude on the above.

I logged a support ticket earlier this week with Tidal.

I received this response after a few email exchanges:

and now my subscription looks like this:

I guess the R200 odd a month I now save can be invested with Elon.

PS - there are definite catalogue differences between the RSA and USA membership. I always suspected it but I can now definitely see some of these, as an example:
- Jennifer Warnes' album Hunter was never available on Tidal USA but it is now included in her list of albums post the RSA switch.
- The Dire Straits album The Best of - Private Investigations is not available on the RSA subscription.
- The track "One true thing" from Jewel's Sweet and Wild album is not available on the RSA subscription although the entire rest of the album is available.
- Jason Brown's Solo acoustic Vol. 1 is not available in RSA though Vol. 2 is.
- Love the Way you Lie from From Rihanna's album Loud featuring Eminem is not available in RSA
- Def Leppard's 2012 album Pour some sugar on me is not available in RSA
- There is an album 90's Sweet 90's Hits! that had a few favourites on that is not available in RSA.

bummer .....

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