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Low cost DAP with tidal or deezer


The Hiby R3 seems ideal, for the application I would like to spend about half this amount.
No Android or cellphone solutions please.

Budget is around R2000.

If R2k is your hard limit, then it's probably better to shop 2nd hand, especially if you excluding mobile phone devices like a USB-C Dac.

Closest new option to your budget that I'm aware of is:

Sorry, I forgot to add that it must be portable.

Just ordered a HiBy R2 for R1918.00 including express shipping.
Has built in Wifi with Tidal support.

Here's hoping it gets here in time for Christmas.  It's a gift for a music-loving daughter.

I'm also considering a R3 Pro for my own use.

Anyone here have experience with this player?

Alternatives in the same price bracket?


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