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RAM Wanted


I'm hoping for a freebie here of anyones old junk RAM. I have an old P133 with the old type RAM. Not DDR3. Bought this in 1997.
Anyone has RAM they're not using that I could have for this ? It works well and if I can slowly upgrade with stuff that you guys will throw - why not.
Alternatively, do you guys know of any charities that would use this PC ?
It works (slowly)

Where are you based?

I have an old AMD 3000+ machine with 1 gig ram you could have. I have a PSU for it aswell, all you'd need is a case, HDD (or flash drive could suffice), optical drive and an old graphics card (I don't think it has onboard)

I'm based in Centurion.
Yep, I'll be interested if this is of no use to you.


Rotten Johnny:
Ive an old ati agp graphics card that may work in the board mentioned.

Ah, it's a PCI-X port on the mobo, and I am based in Cape Town. I don't mind posting it at my expense if it's going to a good cause.


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