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Hello :) I am starting on a new journey of putting together a listening/workroom at home. I thought here would be a great place to document the process and get some help along the way.

The space is a 4m wide loft room with an open back that extends back 8m.(usable space 3.8m)  The vaulted ceiling starts at 2.6m up to 3.8m (above listening position) then down to the lower level. See pics below.

I measured the room this morning to try find the spot where the low-end has the smoothest response and the least amount of nulls  :facepalm:

Thanks for following along and please shout if you have any advice  :clap:

What does your ETC look like for the first 20-30ms? Seems like you're going for a RFZ/LEDE approach ?

Hello Timber, Yes :) Going for a RFZ/LEDE approach, Here is the ETC as requested. Hope thats right.

picture url

Is this with the mic at your intended listening position? Reflections seem a bit low or it might be a near-field application.

Is this for a home studio?

Yes, a home studio room. The mic was at the near-field position, I tried a variety of spots looking at the 20-200 range and that configuration seemed the best for the low-end.


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