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Green 3TB drives - timeline to debut?

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Rotten Johnny:
Folks, any idea when green 3TB drives are likely to make an appearance?  If I rush out now and buy 5x 2TB green it's going to cost me around R4k.  Two things - I'd rather buy 3TB from the getgo & buying 2TB with 3TB around the corner (?) means I'll be paying way too much for the 2TB variety.

Frustrating, I'm itching to build my music server and consolidate ALL my music to a single location.

I'd be very hesitant to adopt the latest and greatest when it comes to storage. Our business is based on very storage hungry data and we are very early adopters of the biggest drives available. Without fail, the first drives of a generation always have quirks and issues that is solved 3 months down the line.

So, get the 2TB drives now as you should probably wait a few months for any potential issues on 3TB drives to be sorted.

They should be already available.

I am using 2 of them in my NAS far no issues.

Not to ask a Noob question, but I am seeing reference to 'green' and 'black' drives...what is the difference?


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