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Rotten Johnny:

As networked audio and video solutions become increasingly prevalent I thought I'd give a heads up that I'll soon be able to supply a host of networking and networking related gear at what should be pretty keen prices.  Products will range from SMB through to enterprise level networking solutions and will include IP telephony, mobility (3G HSDPA), wireless etc. and network attached storage solutions.  I don't plan on carrying inventory, but should be in a position to turn orders around pretty quickly (distributor-courier-destination) on a prepaid basis.  Whilst it means instant gratification is unlikely, the short delay should translate into savings on your end.  Insofar as there's interest here I'll publish a mini catalogue in the Traders forum when I've got all my ducks in a row.

Interested y/n?


Rotten Johnny:
Heh, good thing I'm not planning on making a living this way.

I say great, as the forum will benefit from it. Standard conditions apply of course ;)


I'm tinkering with the idea of creating another area on the forum dedicated to Computer related threads, like NAS boxes and networking and stuff. Having a dedicated area can keep things focused for those that are interested without creating noise for those that aren't. What say you?


Rotten Johnny:
yep, I think it'd be a good idea and it'd make finding related information a lot easier.


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