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Antivir Software Floggers - What a lot of @ssholes!

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I know there's free antivirus software like AVG and others but my preference is to go to a shop, check out the likes of Norton, Panda, Kasparski etc etc and decide what disc to buy.

It so happens that I have become accustomed to Panda and have bought their software discs in person at the same place for the last 5 or 6 years.

All of these brands spam you but Panda is something else. Towards the end of your subscription, you get spammed with renewal notices several times each day. There ARE options about the frequency of these notices and I usually click on 1month interval reminders but it doesn't help.

I've tried to block their IP address with my service provider but this doesn't work either (something strange happens - like a 'shivering' hourglass) - so I can't do that either to get rid of their spam.

For the past three years, I got so bloody p#ssed-off that I wrote them the k@kkest of k@k letters to try and stop their intrusions.

This does bring results - an all sweetness and light response - an apology of sorts and an extension of 4 or 5 months of the current subscription.

I cannot believe any sane business can shoot themselves in the arse, head and fanny all at once and p#ss-off their loyal customers like this.

The others are just the same - I know Norton also sends renewal spam repeatedly.


The Godfather:

try nod32, ms security essentials

Nod32 is nice, until the update fails.... or something is not lekker on the puter... Can't say others are better - I prefer Nod at the mo.

No qualms with AVG yet. Just does its thing without me ever knowing its there.

The best source for independent comparison of anti-virus products is here" The latest report is December 2010. Look at the report and make up yor own mind about what is best for you...


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