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Internet Radio Stations - Who else listens to them?

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I would be interested in hearing from others who listen to Internet Radio stations. Obviously the quality is not up to Audiophile expectations but as far as I am concerned, it doesn't have to be, I use it for background listening and the quality is certainly not too shabby either. Many of the high bit-rate stations sound much better than any of our local FM stations that have their audio compressed to hell.

I listen to mainly Old School Classic Hits (60s, 70s, 80, 90s) and have about 50-60 of these stations stored in my 'Favourites' folder. Most of my devices use the 'Tune-In' app but what T-I displays on one device cannot necessarily be found in another (different) device at all. Some of the stations are stored under one name in T-I but another name in another device.

Other devices make use of the V-Tuner app which used to be free for users but now charges a nominal annual subscription (but only $3 per device) and certainly worthwhile.

So am I the only one who enjoy fiddling through the 100,000+ Internet Radio stations or do I have mates here?  :dop:


I came across this station and find it lovely with an interesting playlist with lots of nice music often off the beaten path of main stream jazz.

All I miss is some announancments about the  context of the music and artists. Seems like a general thing with internet radio.


I like Radio Paradise when working on the laptop and LM Radio, still need to check out that North Norfolk radio you listen to FD.

Steve, an excellent IR station is Signal 80, soon to be renamed "Greatest Hits radio", this and Norfolk have become my most listened-to stations. But there are plenty others as well.

Stefan, to ID music played on IR radio stations I simply use Shazam or Sound Hound, works very well!


BBC radio 6 mostly.  Sunday nights is the freak zone with Stuart Maconie and he always has something worth listening to


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