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What happened to Intel QPI?


I'm really not clued up on this but my understanding is as follows:

Looking at the table on wikipedia:, it would appear that QPI is a thing of the past.

The Sandy Bridge architecture released this year does not have QPI and (hence?) only 2 memory channels and not 3.
The disadvantages of the older Intel motherboards with 1366 socket is that they do not support usb3 and SATA6 and the CPUs are more power hungry. The advantages are the 3 channel ram and other benefits of QPI such as 2 16xPCIE slots.
It seems the choice is between 2600 (Sandy Bridge) and a 930 (Bloomfield). The answer may be obvious to some but it's not obvious to me yet.

Can anyone provide some insight/discussion here? Also, has anyone here bought from Sybaritic? They look good at first glance.

The cost to implement the 3rd memory channel outweighs the performance advantage it provides. Also if you want to run a dual GPU setup then does 16 x 2 PCIE slots really perform any better than for example a 16 and 8 combo? I would go for the newer boards with USB3.

Thanks Robert. Makes sense. Grrr, it is a shame that not everything is improved with each new architecture.

ps, nice avatar.  :)

Definitely go Sandy Bridge.

These processors are much faster than the previous generation even if it "only" uses a dual channel memory config.

I have bought from Sybaritic before, they are legit.


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